Building Energy Modeling

Building Energy Modeling estimates anticipated energy use and energy savings of a building by using simulation software. Energy efficiency level of the building is assesed as compared to a standard baseline building. Our Energy Modeling Services is focused on energy consumption, utility bills and life-cycle costs of various energy-using items such as HVAC, lights and hot water. Energy Modeling is also used to assess the payback of green energy options like photovoltaics, solar panels, wind turbines and high efficiency equipment.

Greenterm provides the most reliable energy modeling services encompassing shadow analysis, location analysis, massing and orientation analysis, solar simulation, energy codes compliance, reflection analysis, daylight analysis, light pollution analysis and fenestration analysis to our clients. Our energy modeling services to support designers and building owners to enhance building design by utilizing value engineering assesment of different building envelope and system replacements to achieve energy savings and reduce carbon emissions.
Our energy modeling services utilizes various energy modeling software programs to achieve energy efficient and high performance building designs. We deliver LEED Energy modeling services to assist you designing a high-performing, energy efficient and sustainable energy model for your new and existing green building projects.

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