BUILD UP Webinar 20131105 Superinsulation 1 Welcome

The term ‘superinsulation’ refers to materials and technologies providing dramatically reduced heat transfer across the building envelope. This BUILD UP Web Seminar covers the main principles of superinsulation, reviews current materials and technologies in the field, and provides examples of existing superinsulating applications from the market.

The Web Seminar focuses in particular on the development of new or advanced materials within the context of European projects, as well as the new IEA EBC Annex 65 on long-term performance of superinsulation. Finally, the web seminar reports on critical issues highlighted by the results of recent research, such as the 10-year monitoring of superinsulating materials under specific conditions.

· Welcome | Peter Wouters, INIVE, and Pau Garcia-Audi, EACI
· Super-insulating materials overview | Daniel Quenard, CSTB
· Questions and Answers #1
· Aerocoins (Aerogel-Based Composite/Hybrid Nanomaterials for Cost-Effective Building Super-Insulation Systems) | Eunate Goiti, Technalia
· HIPIN (High Performance Insulation based on Nanostructure Encapsulation of Air) | Shivashandari Sundaram, TWI
· Nano Insulate | Malcom Rochefort, KingSpan
· Questions and Answers #2
· New IEA EBC annex 65 on superinsulating materials | Daniel Quenard, CSTB
· Questions and Answers #3

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