BIM322 Revit MEP 2 – Revit MEP Construction Documents

The objective is to teach MEP engineers and designers how to apply Revit MEP to their trade. This course will focus on creating a set of MEP construction documents. We create the MEP sheets, annotations, notes and schedules necessary to finish deliverable drawings, extracting them from the Revit model.

The classes will be taught from the MEP engineer’s and designer’s perspective, but architects and others learning to enhance their competency in Revit can also gain valuable insight as the course unfolds, especially regarding the development of family files and also set-up for clash detection with Navisworks.

The class is designed to teach the necessary skills to understand how Revit MEP is used not only to integrate MEP systems into the building envelope but also how successfully using Revit MEP will facilitate collision detection within Navisworks.

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