Best Thermal Coyote Hunting Footage with the Trijicon IR Hunter MKIII 60mm

Some of the best thermal coyote hunting footage you will ever see, brought to you by some of the best predator hunters in the world (O’neill Ops) using some of the best thermal optics available (Trijicon IR Hunter MK III 60mm and IR Patrol M250XR).

Very high dirt nap per minute ratio with over 25 Coyotes down in this short 7-minute video and some one of a kind footage from some expert coyote hunters and videographers. In addition to the hunt footage the video includes some pretty wild footage of the coyotes fighting and attacking each other.

The guys at O’Neill Ops can coyote hunt like nobody’s business. They pioneered the art of predator hunting suppressed and they are building on that experience by pushing the envelope at night.

As 4th generation ranchers and farmers, hunting coyotes is not just a hobby or a pastime for them. They have a duty to protect the cattle that they raise for food. For them, predator hunting is not merely a sport, but a way of life.

James O’Neill has been hunting and shooting since he was 4 years-old. He started out helping skin coyotes with his father when pelts brought a 100 dollars a piece, and eventually learned how to call coyotes with his father and grandfather during coyote calling competitions.

After years of honing his skills at predator calling and hunting during the day, O’Neil helped pave the way for hunters in South Dakota to be able to use thermal and night vision optics to effectively hunt predators at night.

O’Neil played an important role in helping to convince the South Dakota legislature to allow private land owners to use of night vision and thermal scopes in conjunction with calibers under .225 inches in diameter.

The change in the size of rifle rounds allowed for use with NV and thermal imaging is significant because one of the most popular varmint hunting rifle rounds uses a .223 caliber bullet. The .223 caliber bullet is also the most widely used caliber in AR-15 style modern sporting rifles.

James O’Neill

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