Beginners In Ableton – Level 3 – Module 6 – Mixing With Unlinked Envelopes

You will learn:
Other MusicTech Resources
Loop Pack Names by their Key
Tip: Transpose Loops that aren’t in Key to fit
Enter on Scene Launch
Live Set Building Techniques – Getting the Right Sounds
Activating an Unlinked Envelope
How to take a 2 Bar Loop and ask Live to Mix it out over 32
How to avoid plastic cups being thrown from the audience!
Using Low Pass & High Pass Filters for Unlinked Clip Mixing
Renaming Effects to know what’s what in the Envelopes Properties Drop Menu
Levels between Track Devices
Unlinked High Pass Filtered 16 Bar Envelope on a 2 Bar Bass Loop
Navigating to Different Device Parameters selecting between Linked & Unlinked
Unlinked Low Pass Filtered 16 Bar Envelope
32 Bar Unlinked Envelope to to Kill The Low’s on 2 Bar Drum Loop for Mixing out
Replacing Clips removes the Clip Automation
Synth Loop Unlinked Filter Automation
Smooth Transitions with Sound FX moving into the next Scene
Rename Scenes to know what’s about to happen next

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