BEC Window Envelope Sealant Manufacturing in Canada

EnvelopeSealant is a trademarked BEC Window & Envelope Consulting Product. It is manufactured in Canada to meet the harsh climate demands. The product performance meet dramatic temperature shifts while maintaining adhesion, UV stability and no degradation. EnvelopeSealant meets & exceeds building codes both nationally and provincially, this included CGSB, CCMC standards. EnvelopeSealant has taken the engineering and product testing to levels well above building code or any other similar product. EnvelopeSealant has been tested to illustrate how it maximizes windows energy efficiency by reducing or illuminating air flow with Enervision door blower testing. EnvelopeSealant in addition to its state-of-the-art testing has been engineered to be user friendly with NO primer required.

BEC Window & Envelope
6149 6 Street Southeast
Calgary, AB T2H 1L9
(403) 259-4411

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