Basement Finishing Part 2 – Floating Sub-Floor

Part 2 of my basement finishing project.
Find Part 1 (Insulation & Damp-Proofing) here:

In this video I go into more details on the design, materials, and installation methods I chose for the sub-floor. This is a floating floor design to be used in conjunction with the vapor & damp-proofing wall & floor design we accomplished in Part 1. The floating floor prevents us from penetrating and compromising any part of the vapor barrier we completed in Part 1 as opposed to other floor designs which may use fasteners through the floor to the concrete which then compromises the vapor barrier we spent time, energy, and money we created in the first place.
Prior to starting my project, I had a hard time finding useful information about how to design a basement with the best protection against water and the mold, mildew, mustiness, and rot that eventually come with it. This design is the result of quite a bit of research and discussion with building professionals. I hope this might be helpful to those of you embarking on your own basement finishing or remodeling project.

Super Seal damp-proofing subfloor:

Owens Corning Foamular Insulation:

DuPont Tyvek Tape:

Advantech Flooring:

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