ACI Ceramic Precast Composite: Envelope Enclosure Finished

American Craftsmen, Inc, has researched, developed, and commercialized ACI Ceramic Precast- a light weight ceramic precast composite thin shell load bearing panel that raises the bar in high performance structural and architectural urban building enclosures (Wall, floor, and roof assemblies US patent 7,681,368.B1); ACI ceramic precast thin shell composite is design to provide fast track fire rated building enclosures that interface like an erector set. Product structural testing was performed at Constructed Facilities Lab (CFL) at North Carolina State University under the direction of Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering and Construction, Director of the (CFL) and Director of the NSF I/UCRC – Center for the Integration of Composite into Infrastructure (CICI) at North Carolina State University, Raleigh. Dr. Sami Rizkalla PE & Assistant Professor and Laboratory Manager Gregory Lucier PE;

AIA Ted Van Dyke of New City Design Group specified and selected the innovative product in wall, floor, and roof application for this Raleigh, NC structure. In addition, Brian Moskow PE of Red Engineering stamp and seal all the shop drawings. The Project was approved by the City of Raleigh Building Inspections Department as well as the NC Department of insurance.

The Home features net zero sustainable design by incorporating geothermal and PV solar design matched with a high thermal envelope to significantly reduce energy dependence on the fossil fuels. Panelize 4,800 sqft of home utilizing the patented ACI Precast system in wall, floor, and roof complete envelope enclosure application. The project serves as a case study and provides proof of concept of assembly implementing panel to panel connections for the entire exterior skin of the building. The composite panel application of a complete envelope ceramic skin had never been demonstrated in a thin-shell load bearing application. The Prefabrication and installation process of 13,000 sqft of panel was mobilized within a 2 month time period. The roof system features load bearing system with ceramic to ceramic connections. The large open roof hosts the solar assemblies and is runoff free clean design unlike convention asphalt shingle or petroleum based vinyl roof systems that contaminate local rivers and streams with VOC’s, PCBS, and other heavy metal runoff.

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