AAMA 501.1

Water leak testing with our XRSS 5000 Squall Simulator. Water leak testing as part of Building Envelope Commissioning involves testing of the envelope under rainstorm conditions under controlled conditions. In this case you are viewing dynamic water penetration testing of a curtainwall.

The curtainwall installation has been started and one section is complete. The owner, design and contracting team need verification the installation is performing without any leaks. A field test is completed with fully calibrated, remote controlled equipment to accurately simulate the driving rainstorm event specified in the performance specifications.

This test is performed in accordance with American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 501.1 “Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Windows, Curtainwalls and Doors Using Dynamic Pressure”.

Water penetration testing consists of utilizing a portable wind generator equipped with a portable water system. For on-site use, the unit can be positioned with an extended reach forklift at elevations of up to 60 feet above the ground level. A forklift is commonly available and has a reach height of up to 55 feet above grade.

While Building Envelope Commissioning is not currently mandated by codes, owners who know the benefits of a fully functional building upon completion of construction are including Building Envelope Commissioning and Building Envelope Functional Performance Testing as part of their construction project.

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