7 reasons to insulate your home

Heat energy is transferred out of your home by these 3 mechanisms- conduction, convection and radiation. Uninsulated exterior walls are responsible for 35percent of heat loss while roofs have up to 25 percent of loss. Here are a few benefits of loft insulation.

Improves energy efficiency of your home.
Heat flows from warmer to cooler spaces until there is no longer a temperature difference. Insulation helps provide resistance to heat flow and works as a barrier to protect the indoor environment. By installing wall and loft insulation, your bills could be reduced dramatically.

Improves thermal comfort
Insulation helps keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. It maintains a stable temperature providing a more pleasant atmosphere.

Reduces thermal bridges.
Thermal bridges occur in parts of the building envelope where there is insufficient insulation and are responsible for up to 35 percent of thermal loss and increased condensation which leads to the growth of mold.

Reduces risk of condensation and mold growth.
Condensation is caused by a temperature difference between external and internal surfaces. A top coat of EWI helps reduce this risk of condensation and damp walls. By providing more insulation, your home maintains a lower amount of humidity, preventing mold growth.

Makes construction more durable.
There are many different insulating renders and finishers available to make a protective barrier on external walls. Due to the highly durable materials, EWI increases resistance against elements and protects brick work.

Makes your house look better.
EWI can significantly improve your home by using a wide range of renders, paints, or tiles.

Minimizes environmental impact and prevents climate change.
Minimizing the energy consumed from domestic heating can reduce CO2 emissions and help prevent climate change.

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