3D Potter Bot XLS-1 Scara robot

3D Potterbot XLS-1 robot is the most innovative ceramic 3D printer to date.

Capable of huge envelopes, up to three meters square.

Continuous 360 degree printing allows you to design objects to the maximum of the envelope.

Ceramic and paste delivery systems starting at 4000 ml on board extruder system or 85 lbs continuous hydraulic extruder hose fed system. And for large-scale structures we have continuous large peristaltic pump system. Also we are able to print multiple sequential objects within the printer envelope. That means non-stop production of up to 30-50 items at a time.

XLS-1 has surprisingly compact design for such a large building envelope that is easily disassembled for relocation or shipping.
Be sure to visit our website for more information about this unique design for ceramic 3D printing
http://www.3dpotter.com and http://www.emergingobjects.com/project/potterbot-xls-1/

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