27. Central Post Office Communication House

The attributes of statehood are not only flag, emblem, anthem, and national currency, but also those are post stamps. Almaty citizens used to attach the most beautiful and popular post stamps on the envelopes showing their respect to the addressee. The epistolary genre of those times included envelopes, greeting cards, and telegrams, which were the spiritual part of that era.
The letters written by hand now look like a greeting from the last century. They are associated with the most tremulous memories of the Almaty Post Office. The history of the postal service of Verny city began in 1860, when the first post office was built in the Green Market area. In the late 1920s and 30s, when the capital of Kazakhstan moved from Kyzyl-Orda to Alma-Ata the first government center of the republic was established at the former Cossack Square (now Square of Astana). It was built in an impressive constructivism style. It was the house of the Government and its main post office with all the basic communication facilities: the post office, telegraph, and telephone stations for long distance and local telephone calls. The post office building was built from 1931-1935 according to the project of an architect G.Gerasimov. In 1963-64 a clock tower, the so-called “Chimes of Alma-Ata”, was added to the building. Several generations of citizens have been inviting their girlfriends for a date under the clock tower.

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