2 KPCLOffice Building at Raichur Traditional Building Techniques in a Contemporary Building Envel

We have adopted a system of layering of building envelope which becomes the basis of evolution of building form and more importantly serves to reducing heat gain into the main building, as the direct incorporation of thick walls to insulate the building is not feasible in modern day buildings. The first layer being the core structural concrete shell with vertical fins. The water bodies located around it forms the second layer and enables evaporative cooling. Landscape on all exposed concrete slabs and between and around building envelope layers becomes the third and outermost layer. The skin with multiple perforation which wraps around the primary building not only shades the building but also the water body and allows only entry of diffused light. The perforations in the skin are a reinterpretation of Jali which as a building feature is embedded in tradition. Through the unique system of layering, a design language has evolved and the intention of creating comfortable environments within the office area through this approach was rationalized.
The building incorporates the Earth Air Tunnel to provide pre-cooled air to the Building Interiors. For this project, we have also incorporated Night Cooling by studying the climatic condition which shows the dip in night temperature for 4 months in a year. Night cooling takes advantage of the high thermal mass of concrete, which acts a heat sink during the day and cools during the night when cool air from outside is allowed to enter the building for 3-4 hours in a day.
To conclude, this building is a perfect example where the design process is through the amalgamation of several variables which forms the basis, through which the building form is evolved.

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